Mission Zigomar is a serious game available on both, computers and tablets (iOs, Android), developed under Unity. This game, designed for children aged 6 to 10, plunges the player at the heart of the museums of the City of Paris and into an enigmatic adventure where the child learns, in the course of the missions, the history of art, its techniques and artworks, allowing him to create his own artworks through creative games at the end of every mission. 

Each mission consists of 12 different games: 9 educational and 3 action games. Each game allows the child to develop either knowledge or reflexes. During this lively animated adventure, the children have to solve riddles, led by young heroes: Gab the adventuress, Hugo the dreamer and Selim the intellectual keen on new technologies, to prevent the hideous Zigomar from stealing the artworks of the Paris museums.



UX Design / Level Design / Game Design

Interface explained

User testing & prototyping

The result

Character design

Backgrounds & scenery



Educational public portal

Press & awards

The entire project was nominated to the Museum and the web awards at Baltimore and won the 3rd prize.