Computerized platform for reeducational purposes through playful visuo-postural biofeedback gaming, the Physioplay system defines itself above all in the trend of "Serious Games" as a real concept of postural reeducation and recovered balance to all.

Physioplay was developed by MEDICAPTEURS France, to:

  • reeducate the largest number of patients,
  • be used by all physiotherapists,
  • care for specific pathologies,
  • be used in research laboratories.




Software reDesign & reBranding of the solution

A new home and some specific pages to integrate Touch usability were created for the Physioplay software. Inconito had declined all the identity on hardware and software.



Inconito created 6 games for this platform: ButterFlight, KassNoiset, RumbleBee, SugarBee, LucyOl, and TribalAnts; all finely customizable to adapt to the needs of each patient. 

The patient is able to train in a very playful way to:

  • develop his surface of push,
  • work his more or less fast side-to-side or front-to-back transfers, in coordination with his faculties of visual anticipation,
  • return to physical activity such as walking,
  • work the driving precision of its posture or its gesture, in prepared or reactive conditions,
  • stabilize his posture and gesture, either static or moving. 


Break them all!


Find your bugfriend through flowers.


Initialisation screens

Other games & ambiances