About us

Inconito Creative was founded in 2016 to build exceptional products with design & technology. We deliver creative strategy and digital production for a wide range of engaging projects and products. We are designers, technicians, producers and thinkers with a shared passion for innovation and creative ideas..

Some clients call us a creative agency. Others see us as a production company, a design boutique, a technology firm, a game studio or even usability specialists. We are all those roles merged into one energetic agency.


Concept / Design / Illustration / Motion design / Development / Applications / Content / Branding / User eXperience

Gaming & Entertainement

Tailored games & Apps / Advergames & Serious gaming / Engagement & Gamification / Interactive installations / App Marketing & Advertsing / E-learning & Education

Inconito is part of the Magellan user group and Magellan Fast Track to Innovation program.
We work on the First Parallel project: